Lysa Brown 10pcs/box (1 Day Con)

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RM50.00 MYR

Lysa series has mesmerizing and strong decorative pattern that is also one of our strong decorative pattern collection.
Lysa series 16mm diameter effect
10pcs/box = 5 pairs/box
Lysa series in B. Eyesland is the series that will immediately catch your eyes with its strong enlarging effect!
This eye-catching series resembles a little of our hot seller Moka series.
It is slightly more subtle than the Moka series but it is definitely a strong pattern that will make your eye game strong.
Lysa series comes in two unique colours.
Grey: Grey colour with specks of yellow in the center which creates a strong contrast
Brown: Perfect gradiation of brown with yellow tone which creates depth to the eye look.
Eye Power

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