Avril Brown 15mm

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RM30.00 MYR

Avril series contact lens is an enlarging series with unique colour!
This contact lens series has enlarging "Eurasian" eye effect lens which defines the eyes
but not to the point that it occupies most of your eye whites.
Decorative pattern of this series is not too complicated. Just colours.
The decorative pattern utillizes gradient effect of colours to define and make strong contrast.
There are two colours in this series:
Grey: blue-ish grey with a green undertone which is extremely unique in our shop
Brown: reddish brown colour with a combination of ash brown.
Replacement 3 Month Disposable
Powers Plano (0.00), -1.00 to -8.00
Fitting BC: 8.6mm
Water Content 38%
Material Polymacon
Eye Power

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