Slim Walk Beau-Acty Beauty Legs & Hips Compression Leggings for Sports

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"3D hip-up design"̴Ì_
+ 2.3 cm̴Ì_*̴Ì_Kick up lifting beautiful butt!̴Ì_

At̴Ì_the moment when the̴Ì_legs were tightened with stepwise pressure design, legs legs̴Ì_.̴Ì_
Keeping the ideal style during exercise!
  • Ankle, calf, legs refreshed with 3 stages of pressure fitting legs.
  • "3D hip-up design" which lifts slack ass in a cute way.
  • Supports movement and performance in "compression function" and pelvic support + "thigh mouth taping" "W move-up design".
  • Care for sweat and odor, which is worrisome at "Sporty comfort material".